Tandem Paragliding Zell am See

as FRee as a Hawk

Do not miss out on your holiday in Zell am See Kaprun and start an unforgettable adventure – tandem paragliding Zell am See with a licensed pilot from Schmittenhöhe. Silently like a falcon you will experience the high alpine mountain panorama of the Hohe Tauern National Park from a completely different perspective.

Paragliding in Zell am See Kaprun is a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone from young to old. There is no special knowledge necessary for you. Convince yourself and realize your long-awaited dream of flying. Would you like to know more about your pilot Sepp and tandem paragliding? Have a look on the website of the tourism association Zell am See-Kaprun and read what they wrote about Sepp

How does a tandem paragliding flight go?

We meet at the agreed meeting point (we talk about it during the booking process) and drive up together with the Schmittenhöhebahn (lift ticket not included). After putting on our helmets and seatbelts you will receive an instruction and after a few steps we are already in the air. We will land softly on the landing field in Fürth (Kapruner road 2, Piesendorf, train station)

What is needed?

About 1.5h time / ski clothing in winter / non-slip shoes, long pants in summer / sunglasses. No paragliding experience necessary.

Book a flight

In the calendar below, you can book your flight (please click the button “Inhalt laden” to load the calender, if it does not show). The flight can be cancelled for free 4 days before the appointment.

Prices for paragliding Zell am SEE

CLASSIC 1200 mtr, 15-30 minutes, ab €150

ACTION 1200 mtr, 10 mnutes , ab €170

CLASSIC PLUS +1300 mtr, about 30-40 minutes, ab €200

CLASSIC SUPERIOR +1800 mtr, 45 minutes, ab €250


!ATTENTION! For Falkenstein hotel guests we provide a 10% discount on the combination Flight + Foto/Video
Please mention it in the comments section during the booking.


You can take home your adventure on a video and pictures for only €30 (10% discount for Falkenstein hotel guests)

Gift vouchers are available. You will receive them as a PDF onto your smartphone. Easy to print out at home


Please, send us a mail: josef.nindl@gmail.com

Gift vouchers for every occasion are individually designed and sent as a PDF or by post. The vouchers can also be booked at the reception of the Falkenstein Hotel Kaprun.


As professional and state-certified tandem pilots, the safety of our passengers is our top priority.

Beyond professional tandem flying, flying has dominated our lives for over 15 years. Whether attempting new cross-country records in Brazil or the Alps, learning new aerobatic manoeuvres (acrobatics) or climbing mountains and then flying from the highest peaks in the Alps and our region, we are constantly training our technique and skills.

Special experiences of Sepp:

  • Numerous large cross-country flights in our Alps (personal record Stoderzinken 285km, Zillertal 276km, Antholz 246km).
  • Various crossings of the Alps with the paraglider
  • Very large cross-country flights in Brazil (personal record 425km)
  • Hike&Fly from the highest peaks of our mountains (GroĂźglockner, Gr. Wiesbachhorn, Hocheiser, GroĂźvenediger, Kitzsteinhorn ski area Kaprun…)
  • Passionate acrobatic pilot with constant training of new flight manoeuvres (e.g. Misty, McTwist, Helico, Infinity Tumbling)
  • Skydiver and motor glider pilot

We are usually 2-3 pilots flying at the same time. That’s why you can also book a tandem flight for your loved ones at our family hotel in Kaprun. This will give you a great adventure together!


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The take-off in paragliding

A paragliding flight does not begin until all precautions have been taken:

  • all harnesses are closed
  • all lines are unknotted
  • the paraglider is fully deployed
  • the wind conditions are right
  • the airspace is clear for take-off

How do you steer a paraglider?

The paraglider pilot steers by shifting his weight and by using the left and right steering lines. When you pull on a steering line, you slow the glider down on one side and steer it into a turn. In addition, the paraglider pilot shifts his weight in the desired direction. Pulling on both control lines at the same time causes the paraglider to slow down.

The landing in paragliding

The perfect landing area is always free of fences, overhead wires, cable car cables, etc. and allows a smooth landing. The pilot lands with a running motion on the ground. Don’t worry, your fitness level doesn’t have to be high, running with the pilot on a tandem flight is very easy!


Falken Air has a long tradition. Not only since the tandem paragliding in Zell am See, but already 30 years ago with the Chesna (in the picture Josef sen. with regular guests of the Falkenstein Kitzsteinhorn Hotel before an exciting flight around the Alps).

You are in the right hands with us if you want to experience the ultimate paragliding adventure with the perfect view. Have you already seen the Kaprun reservoirs from above? Contact us now for your personal paragliding experience in Zell am See-Kaprun.


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