Good Tidings

Our hotel is always a very bustling place. Here you find all news regarding the Falkenstein Hotel, events and special offers!


Incentives at the Falkenstein

At the end of November, we have hosted a successful corporate event, including interesting lectures and workshops held in our seminar room. Of course, we have arranged varied activities especially for the event. The attendees have been enthusiastic about the leisure programme, including a torchlight walk, brandy tasting, a day in the snow and finally a lecture delivered by the blind climber Andy Holzer.
If you are planning a corporate event and still looking for a suitable venue, the Falkenstein Hotel will be an excellent choice!

Falkenstein Hotel – Tesla Destination Charging

As a “Tesla Destination Charging” partner, the Falkenstein Hotel provides a rapid charging point (22 kW) allowing you to charge your electric vehicle in a very short time.
The use of the charging facility, being suitable for all electric cars, is free of charge for the guests of the Falkenstein hotel!

Professional Sports Diagnosis at the Hotel

The diagnosis, performed at the Falkenstein Hotel, includes measurements of the body composition, a test to determine the endurance capacity, the compilation of a training plan and many more services.

Thanks to the collaboration with the team of NP Sports Diagnostics, notably Peter Nindl and Andreas Plaickner, we are able to offer our guests a professional physical performance assessment in our fitness room.